July 2017
Idea striked
The concept for Funnearn officially striked, when we were out for a team lunch. The idea was so unique and intriguing we booked the domain on 29th July, 2017.
August 2017
Shaping out
Once the concept was finalized, We just had to get it done. The team spent days and nights, featuring and modeling out the idea framework.
September 2017
Development starts
With everything finalized, we started to pan out the development of our product, We went ahead with all our efforts to make this a successful product.
October 2017
First release
First version of Funnearn was made live on 7th October, 2017 with minimalist set of features and requirements.
January 2018
Successful P.O.C
The overall success of the product was mindblowing and we decided to take it forward with better granularities and clarities.
March 2018
Sorting legalities
We formalized all the legalities and homework that had to be done and restarted the app development with real end user feedback.
August 2018
Second Release
The app developed featured basic design improvements, Better and Refined Marketing Strategies.
September 2018
10k Users
In celebration of 10k users, we sought out surveys for what they need. We received a great feedback and the items were to be sorted in the next release.
October 2018
Major Release
This release was most awaited, as this featured the major opportunites that is presented to a user to play and earn. Now competition is purely One-to-One.
Coming soon!
We will be live with more updates